Dubai Police Academy

Our Foundations

Dubai Police College was founded in 1987 under Law No. 1 of 1987, and officially opened on April 1. 1989. The first program of education began on September 19, 1987 at the Police Training School in Emergency Management, until the Academy building as we know it today was completed. The Police College’s infrastructure was established in October 1988, when Decree No 1 of 1988 formally ratified its internal regulations.

The name of the College was changed to Dubai Police Academy on December 13th 2001.

Our Students

The College welcomed its first cohort of students from GCC nations in the 1988/89 academic year, who were joined in 1996/97 by the first students from the Arab Republic of Yemen and from the State of Palestine. The first cohort of full-time officers to be awarded Bachelor's degrees in Law and Police Science graduated on October 30, 1991.

Our Educational Programs

In 1994 the Dubai Police Academy was officially recognized as a Higher Educational Institution by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in accordance with the decision of the Minister No. (51). In the 1998/99 academic year, the first postgraduate program in Law and Police Science was established and two Masters degrees, one in Public Law, and one in Private Law, were offered.

In 2002 a Masters in Criminal Sciences was added, and in the following academic year, a Masters in Law program. In 2006 new Masters programs were offered with the following majors; Master of Business Law and International Investment, Master of Police Sciences in Security Crisis Management, and Master of Police Sciences in Criminal Investigation.

In 2010, the first PhD program in Law and Police Science was established in the fields of public, private and criminal law, and in 2012/13 the Academy also began offering a Masters in Human Rights in both Arabic and English. This was the first program of this kind in the Arab world to be offered in dual languages.

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