About Us

About Us

Dubai Police Force was established on June 01, 1956, and was based in "Naif Fort," as its Headquarters, until the year 1973 when it was moved to the current location. "Naif Fort" was transformed, later, into one of Dubai Police Stations.

We, Dubai Police, are proud to be an Arab modern police establishment with a force of more than fifteen thousand employees who are characterized by their degrees of high-level multi specialties and training. We are also proud to be one of the best security institutions, at all levels; locally, regionally, and globally.

Dubai Police is an integral part of the United Arab Emirates Police Force. Its mission is to improve the quality of life, in the Country, by operating in accordance with the constitutional rights to enforce the law and maintain security and safety of the community and of everyone living in the Country.

Dubai Police Force is chaired by His Highness, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum; Vice-President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai.

About (SPS) project

The Smart Police Station (SPS) is an integrated interactive self-service police station. It is the first of its kind, in the Middle East and it allows the community members to apply for Dubai Police services that are provided at traditional police stations.

The Station provides many smart services, e.g., register a criminal report, delivery of found materials, and all requests of certificates and permits.

This type of self-service stations, supported by smart and interactive technologies, will be established in many new areas and projects, within the Emirate of Dubai. They will enable customers to complete their transactions, smartly, and without having to visit the traditional police stations or to wait in queues to complete their transactions.

The project to include the development of a number of self-service centers, distributed across the Emirate of Dubai, offering services in such ways, as “Drive Thru” and “Walk Thru”.

Excellence and Quality

Dubai Police uses the highest and the most precise measures of operation in performing its duties, functions, and powers, through the institutional performance indicators and the practice of the strategic planning, efficiently managing human and financial resources, and through simplifying procedures, strengthen community partnership, innovative initiatives, respect of personal excellence, and teamwork.

Dubai Police is the first Arab police institution to apply DNA testing in criminal investigation, the first Arab police institution to use Electronic Fingerprinting, and the first Arab police institution to apply the concept of "Clean Desk Policy".

Dubai Police Force is the first Arab police institution to establish a department exclusively for human rights. It is an overall "Community Police" that is exercising this role, preceding many police departments in the world.

Dubai Police Force is the first Arab Police to use the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the first to apply patrol location technique, ahead of many European and American countries.

Dubai Police Force won many awards for excellence; locally, regionally, and globally. In addition, it acquired numerous first-place awards in many competitions.

In keeping up with the cultural and technological advancement, Dubai Police is the first, at Arab World level, to introduce the "Electronic Services" in transactions and completion of procedures, remotely, in a record time and in an effective way.


"The graces and blessings of God are countless; we may name a number of these blessing under one title that is SECURITY. We, as human beings think that each job we perform may bring back a certain type of security, such as, personal, emotional, social, economic, political security. Without security, life becomes unbearable, and looking forward development, quality, excellence, and success is hopeless and worthless. With the grace of God, efficiency of our policies, loyalty of our leaders, UAE is one of the safest countries in the world, and Dubai is the most secure city in the world. Our strategic planning aims for safety, security and justice to go hand in hand with our economic and social growth paths, in that requirement of stabilized safety and security and justice are to be available for country and individuals alike."

- H.H. Shaeikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Policies and principles that governed the development of the strategic plan of Dubai Police:

  • Dubai's Security is an integral part of the security of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Security is an acquired right of every citizen, resident and visitor.
  • Law is the arbitrator in dealing with each wrongdoer to the state or to any human being.
  • Citizens given the utmost priority as to recruitment and training.

Our Vision

Pioneer Policing & Innovative Practices for Smart Security Services.

Our Mission

We strive to place Dubai within the most secure & safe cities in the world. Through smart innovative services, global organizational Excellence, professional development in accordance to the latest techniques with in a motivational environment for innovation and creativity to achieve community happiness.






Team Spirit.

Strategic goals

1st Strategic Directions: Feeling of Safety and Security
Strategic Goal: Confidence in Police.
Strategic Goal: External Community Happiness.
Strategic Goal: Internal Community Happiness.

2nd Strategic Directions: A Safe City
Strategic Goal: Crime rate reduction.
Strategic Goal: reduction of road accidents fatality rate.
Strategic Goal: Response to Emergencies .
Strategic Goal: Crises & Disaster Management.

3rd Strategic Directions: Innovation in Resource Management
Strategic Goal: Human Resource Management.
Strategic Goal: physical resource management.
Strategic Goal: Technical resource management.

Commitments and Pledges:

We pledge to answer your 999 calls within (10 seconds).
We pledge to arrive at urgent incidents within the specified time.
We pledge to have a police officer in the following situations:

  • Disturbing reports.
  • Incidents of fatalities.
  • Critical casualties.
  • Strikes and Riots.
  • Disasters and Crises.

We pledge to provide victims of crime on the preliminary status of cases within (7 working days).
We pledge to be transparent in publishing facts and information in appropriate time, unless public benefit requires otherwise.
We pledge to reply to your correspondences within (5 working days).
We pledge to provide services to customers in a duration that does not exceed 30 minutes at customer happiness centers at police departments and stations.
We pledge to respond to your electronic inquiries within two working days.
We pledge to provide state-of-art highly efficient services aiming for customer happiness.

Sayings of Deputy Chief of Police and General Security

Not by aspirations but by dedication, Dubai Police HQ has won the Gold Category Award.

Quality can only be achieved from the top and no one can apply Total Quality unless the higher management is sponsoring this aspect. Quality from the higher management can only be initiated from a conviction of its importance.

We should create knowledge, create culture out of this knowledge, and create practice out of this culture.